Wednesday, August 19, 2009

i-AWFUL List: Internet Advocates' Watchlist for Ugly Laws

Click here for's press release dated August 18, 2009, detailing the internet advocacy organization's list of the ten worst internet laws . In part:

"The Internet is increasingly under attack as lawmakers seek to mandate technological behaviors, impose new taxes and otherwise restrict the free flow of information and commerce online," said Steve DelBianco, Executive Director of NetChoice, which maintains iAWFUL. "While we were pleased to see some measures fall off the iAWFUL list, thanks to the efforts of Internet advocates, new attacks on innovation and online freedom have arisen to take their place."

Launched in June, iAWFUL identifies America's 10 worst legislative and regulatory proposals targeted at the Internet. The iAWFUL Web site ( urges Internet users to join the fight to fix or fight against bills that threaten the future of online commerce and communication. The list is regularly updated to reflect the most immediate dangers, based on regulatory severity and likelihood of passage. (snip)

The full iAWFUL list, complete with bill descriptions is available at Twitter users can follow iAWFUL developments on the NetChoice feed (@NetChoice). Expanded information is also available on the NetChoice blog at The current iAWFUL list is:

1) Maine Predatory Marketing Law (New to iAWFUL)

2) Hotel Taxes on Online Travel Companies - (New to iAWFUL)

3) New Jersey Social Networking Bill - A 3757 (Formerly #1)

4) Digital Download Taxes in Colorado and Washington (New to iAWFUL)

5) North Carolina Digital Downloads Tax Bill - HB 558/S 487 (Formerly #10)

6) North Carolina Tickets Bill - SB 99 (Formerly #4)

7) Federal Bills on Organized Retail Crime (Formerly #6)

8) Massachusetts Online Advertising Bill - HB 313 (New to iAWFUL)

9) North Carolina Advertising Nexus Proposal (New to iAWFUL)

10) New York Discriminatory Tax on Online Resume Searches

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