Monday, May 04, 2009

RSS Feeds from the Library Congress: Thomas & More

You can now keep up with federal legislation through the Congressional Record Daily Digest on an RSS feed from Thomas! See the Library of Congress list of RSS feeds available here. Besides the Thomas feed here are some that will probably be faves for the OOTJ crowd:

Copyright Office:

Legislative Developments
Federal Register Notices
NewsNet (deadlines for comments, hearings, etc.)
What's New (alerts on Copyright Office website postings)

Law Library of Congress:
Global Legal Monitor
Legal Research Reports

For Librarians
L.O.C. Classification Weekly Lists
L.O.C.S.H. Weekly Lists

But scroll around the site, too. There are lots of fun things, as always at the Library of Congress! There is Poetry and Science and History and Folklife and Photographs. So visit the RSS list and stroll around for yourself. Even if you don't want the RSS feed, at least feast your eyes on all the cool stuff at our national library!

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