Friday, May 22, 2009


I am waiting to see exactly how AALL2Go will work. It sounds like it might be a very nice thing for those whose travel budgets have been slashed. I had hoped it might include simultaneous access to AALL programming, but it actually sounds like it's more of a way to get the recordings quickly, maybe as MP3 files (for a fee, which is only fair). The most recent AALL Newsletter says:

AALL2go Coming to a Computer Near You

AALL's new online learning center, AALL2go, is under development and on its way. The new site will feature valuable downloadable educational content 24/7, offering you ultimate flexibility and freedom to get professional education on your schedule. Features of the learning center include:

* Online access to the AALL Annual Meeting program recordings, as well as archived Webinars, audio recordings, and video recordings, along with accompanying program handouts
* Advanced search capabilities so you can focus on key areas of interest and find materials where and when you need them
* Online profiles so you can track your individual continuing education progress

AALL2go will be available in early July with the 2009 AALL Annual Meeting program handouts. Be the first in line to take advantage of this new benefit; pre-order your downloadable Annual Meeting program recordings today.

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