Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Recession Reference

Last week, I got two questions that I only get during recessions. The first: how do I become a process server? What are the laws on service? I felt so bad for the young man standing in front of me. He was a good kid and should have better opportunities than risking his life. Process serving is dangerous.

The second question: How do I form a union? Our library has BNA's Developing Labor Law. That is a great book, but it is not written for the average person. A good topic for one of our AALL's LISs would be how our collection development policies are conservative. Labor unions and advocacy groups write good manuals on labor organizing, but Worldcat doesn't show any law libraries holding them. It is interesting that our association is not afraid to sponsor discussion on social movements, but neglects labor.

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Betsy McKenzie said...

You issue an interesting challenge, Jackie. My response would be modulated by my own institution's mission and primary user group. I think it's an interesting point, though, for the libraries that have a real mission to serve the public. Perhaps nobody is thinking about a need to serve labor organizers... I wonder how much that will come up now?