Monday, March 16, 2009

New Texas Law School(s)?

University of North Texas seems on the verge of getting its law school authorized, according to rumors. Click on the title to this post to read an article from the Daily Texan (University of Texas (the flagship campus at Austin for those of us without Longhorn connections) newspaper about a bill pushing for the UNT law school. The article also mentions a possible law school at Brownsville as well.

Not surprisingly, the U.T. connections are interested in protecting their slice of legislative pie and come out swinging against both possible law schools. However, it does seem that the University of North Texas school may actually become a reality. According to the article, the legislature has considered the proposal twice before. And I hear that the funding has actually been authorized for this Dallas-based state law school. Apparently, there is a dean, and some staff already as well. But I do not hear any rumors of a law library consultant....

OOTJ will keep its collective ears to the ground on this one. And wish our friends at SMU and all the other Texas schools all the best! Change is always unsettling; don't mess with Texas!

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Marie S. Newman said...

It's hard for me to understand why more law schools are needed (even in a state as large as Texas) when so many law students cannot find jobs and so many attorneys are unemployed. Plans for new law schools in New York are on hold because of the financial crisis, and that's a sensible decision.