Monday, March 23, 2009

Gay Marriage Advancing in Vermont

Here is a very good report from, a gay-interest blog, on the legislation in Vermont to change their first-in-the-nation civil union statute to gay marriage. The Boston Globe reported here on May 18, about a special senate committee that held hearings on the matter, drawing more than 500 demonstrators for both sides to the Vermont state house in Montpelier. But the blog report linked above brings us more up to date and is quite fact-based, gibing with the comments in the Globe article. Apparently, the committee of 5 voted unanimously to move the bill along to the complete Senate. According to the blog, the prospects in the Senate look good, and even in the House. There seems to be doubt about whether the Republican governor will sign the bill if it passes both houses. If Governor Douglas vetoes the bill, it is not clear whether the legislative supporters of the bill can muster enough support to override the veto.

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