Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Student Loan woes will impact law schools

I've been watching articles on problems with student loan availability, and considering how much this is going to impact law schools. Here is a small sampling of recent articles:

Massachusetts state lender has no funds for 40,000 students
(Boston Globe 7/29/08)

Hotline for Massachusetts students to get help locating loans
(Boston Globe 7/29/08)

Student Loan News (New York Times 7/29/08) A very nice guide, and collection of archived articles both on the troubles this academic year and recommendations, warning about scams, etc.


Meg said...

Yikes! I can't imagine what those students must be going through. I'm glad I did grad school before things got this bad. (I'm also glad I was able to dump Sallie Mae and consolidate with a solid company that provides excellent service, which was already a problem with SM two years ago.)

Betsy McKenzie said...

Yeah, I feel a little guilty about how relieved I am not to be caught in this mess. The flip side is there is a new GI bill that came through providing much better support for vets to go to school. And the bill that forgives students loans after a time of public service, defined really broadly. But all that does little to help the students and families trying to get their financing right now. good luck to them all!