Monday, July 07, 2008

Special Court Addresses Veterans' Issues

Click on the link to this post to read a fascinating article about Judge Robert Russell in Buffalo, NY (Jim's town!)who set up a court to address the needs of veterans who run afoul of the law. The article talks a bit about efforts or aspirations around the country to duplicate this service to veterans, so watch for similar efforts in courts near you. It also mentions that Sen. John Kerry is working with veterans groups to draft a bill

on legislation that would provide grants for the creation of veterans treatment courts like the one in Buffalo.

"A lot of veterans, when they come home, find the transition difficult and we all turn to different things to get through those times," said Campbell, who served in Iraq in 2004-2005. "If we're not lucky enough to have a strong family social network to hold us together in those difficult times, people turn to drugs, turn to alcohol."

"All of a sudden they find themselves in a position where, instead of being the outstanding patriot who's always been the person everyone looks to, they find themselves on the other end of the law," Campbell [Patrick Campbell, legislative director for Iraq Veterans of America] said. "This is going to get service members back to serving their country again."
That's a great idea, and a realistic way to support some of the former service men and women after they return. Send Sen. Kerry an e-mail note if you support this piece of legislation. The link for his name will take you to his official website.

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