Monday, July 16, 2007

Planning Committee on US-China Law Library Conference

Did you know there are more than 400 law schools in mainland China? I just learned this amazing fact. This morning, the steering board and advisors for a planned conference between U.S. and Chinese law libraries met for the first time. After about an hour, the meeting was open to the general membership of AALL, and an impressive number of people, some with amazing experience and credentials were added to the original illustrious group. There were several Chinese law librarians, a Tibetan law librarian, and an Australian who is the director of the law library at the Chinese University in Hong Kong. The conference is planned for the end of May, 2009, but there are lots of details to work out before any formal announcement is made. I was very excited by this meeting, though, and can begin to visualize what an exciting conference it will be. Watch for more news about this interesting development! Frank Liu at Duquesne and Janis Johnston at Illinois are co-chairing.

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Betsy McKenzie said...

PS. The planners hope to podcast the conference so people in China, here or anywhere who want to know more about the conference can hear, even if they cannot attend. Furthermore, the planning group will be putting together a wiki to build a knowledge database of who knows what. So many librarians are participating in programs with China, or their organizations have partnerships or eschange programs. Some have other kinds of knowledge, such as contacts or dates of other events that might build synergy with this conference. Watch for more information if you are interested in this effort!