Thursday, July 26, 2007

MSNBC Editorial on Bush and Iraq

I want to cheer, but I keep wondering how come it took so many years for the press to stand up!


Jim Milles said...

Keith Olbermann has been making a series of these fearless editorial comments on his MSNBC show for something like two years now. MSNBC isn't carried on all basic cable packages, so his comments, while certainly picked up on a lot of the lefty blogs--and arousing the ire of Bill O'Reilly--haven't had the recognition of Jon Stewart's The Daily Show.

Betsy McKenzie said...

I'm so out of the loop! Good for him, but I still say why wasn't the media saying these things at the point the stupid (stupid, stupid!) Congress was going along like little sheeps allowing W to invade Iraq?! Why Iraq? Stupid, stupid, stupid humans! (see my reference to Plan 9 From Outer Space) in comments on the Death Cat.

Marie S. Newman said...

Thanks for posting this, Betsy. I was away and missed the show. Powerful stuff! And so true. But Bush has never held anyone in his administration accountable for anything; why would he hold himself accountable for the debacle in Iraq?