Friday, June 29, 2007

Justice Ginsburg

Ellen Goodman's column today in the Boston Globe describes Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's transformation from a so-called "moderate" justice to a justice who makes waves through her powerful dissents. Goodman goes so far as to say that Justice Ginsburg has been radicalized by an increasingly radical Court. In the Ledbetter case, in which the Court ruled against the only woman among a number of supervisors at Goodyear (Ledbetter earned less than the male supervisors, some of whom had less experience than she did), Ginsburg not only dissented, but took the unusual step of reading her dissent out loud "slowly [and] unequivocally." It is hard to imagine how Justice Ginsburg feels watching her life's work being undone as the "Roberts court drop[s] its opinions like cluster bombs on the road she paved."

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