Monday, June 25, 2007

Have Fun, Betsy!

A poetry workshop sounds wonderful. We will appreciate your word play when you return. Poets bring so much to prose. To inspire us, here are three sentences by Robert Bringhurst describing a typeface: “Most good text types owe their power in part to the rhythmic modulation of the line. Here there is some modulation, but very little, and the power comes from the path of the stroke, the subtle out-of-roundness of the bowls and microscopic taper of the stems. "

While we wait for Betsy, I suggest that we take advantage of summer and enjoy John Doe’s website and its links

If we are dealing with American law, we should have an understanding of “romantic failures” like X and punk rockabilly.

Laws have a history and that history often required the sacrifice of individuals considered failures at the time. Failures are the ones who go out to the edge and make us aware of possibilities. We should have greater respect for failure. Not everything works out.

The insights from mosh pits, low-rider car details, and hanging out with poets will lead into my next few postings over the week. I spent part of the sunny weekend reading the latest issue of Law Library Journal and I see a real difference between trial attorneys and appellate attorneys. I will be the one to go out on the edge and make comments.

Hey ho! Let's Go!

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