Monday, June 11, 2007

Finding helpful stuff in the library III

A few more tricks
Pay attention to the age of the books, but be aware that many titles in law libraries have regular updates, and may be current despite the earlier copyright date. Also, if you find something excellent, but dated, you can use the material and bring it up to date with online research, or in print, with digests and Shepards.
One other trick is the addition to some catalogs of a button marked “Other Resources.” This button in the Suffolk University catalog will lead you to a box that will allow you to search a large number of online databases and web search engines, with a suggested search already entered. These may or may not bring up anything new for you, but it’s one more way we make the catalog a better tool for research.

Other resources at your library website
Librarians at most libraries will post research guides and web guides to topics of interest to their students and faculty. Look at the library home page and see links for research aids. They will often include helpful advice, links to web resources you might not find on your own, and links to databases the library subscribes to. If you are a current student or employee, you can probably use these databases, even if you are not on campus. You may need to enter your ID number to use the databases, or sometimes get a password from the library. Don’t re-invent the wheel! Let your librarians be your guides to the web, to the library and to online paid access databases.

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