Thursday, July 13, 2006

You can't turn your back for an instant!

What's a blogger to do? Sheesh! I go to the AALL annual meeting, and am gone for 6 days. I come back to Big Dig collapse, weather disasters and who knows what else! The connecting tunnel to the Logan Airport, (built with our tax dollars!) dropped a big piece of its ceiling on a poor, hapless passenger (Milena Del Valle, RIP) traveling through, and killed the person. Traffic was snarled to heck and gone for several days and air traffic in and out of Boston was disrupted by hailstorms and tornado watches. Wow! This place literally falls apart when I leave. Read stories in the Boston Globe from the last several days here. It's also the source of the appalling photo of the collapsed ceiling.

After a flight delayed 2 and half hours by weather and air traffic piled up from the weather, I was kind of nervous getting out of the airport, and apparently I am not alone. The T this morning was jam-packed, riding the Red Line from the south. Of course, there are criminal investigations under way. And politics as usual -- Mitt Romney even interrupted his vacation to come back to Boston and make a few statements, score a few points in his battle against the Big Dig administrator, Matt Amorello. They had already indicted a group of cement contractors for delivering non-fresh cement to the worksites. I think they are investigating anybody who ever signed off on the Big Dig.

Hey, Boston, I'm back! You can breathe easier and stop with the disasters. I promise I won't go away again for a long, long time.


Marie S. Newman said...

And I shouldn't leave New York! While I was struggling to get back from St. Louis, a tornado touched down a few miles from my house, something that's pretty much unheard of in Westchester County. Odd weather--I assume global warming is the cause.

Betsy McKenzie said...

Wow! AALL was a great meeting this year, but sheesh; a lot of disasters waited til our backs were turned. I hope everybody got home safe and sound and found their homes and libraries in one piece.