Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Another new thing from Amazon.com

Amazon.com is always coming up with cool new features and services. Just a few minutes ago I was searching for a book recommended by Connie Crosby, and I noticed this little annotation:

So I clicked on "I own the rights..." and saw this:

Amazon.com offers digital storage and print-on-demand (POD) services through BookSurge. BookSurge provides inventory-free fulfillment services that allow you to make your book available for sale at any level of demand through Amazon.com and other sales channels in just a few weeks. Maintain sales revenue for your book based on existing demand and eliminate the guesswork and need for additional inventory.
How does it work? Depending on your needs, BookSurge can customize services to fit virtually any budget or financial goal--store your print-ready PDF files in the BookSurge Global Publishing System (GPS), or we can convert your hard copy book into a digital file using our sophisticated scanning equipment. It’s that easy.
What a great idea!

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Connie Crosby said...

Whoa! Cool.