Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Time for AALL meeting!

Dear readers,

Tomorrow, I will fly to St. Louis for the annual meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries. I think all our co-bloggers will be there as well. The result may be a temporary drop in posts to the blog. Bear with us as we meet with law librarians from around the globe. If you are able to come to AALL (I think many readers are law librarians), I hope to see you there! Safe trips, all!

Whether you are going or not to AALL, you can contribute to the Social Reponsibility Special Interest Section's project. Each year, the SR-SIS sends out a plea to the entire law library community to take part in a project to support a public school library in the town where the meeting takes place. This year, they are collecting books for two of the most needy public schools in St. Louis. Read about it here. This link includes a wish list where you can purchase titles through and have them sent directly to the local school coordinator in St. Louis. You can also send checks and money orders for the project. As a former librarian at St. Louis University, I was acquainted with the Vashon high school, and the level of need at the public schools generally. Ann Puckett, one of my co-bloggers, is coordinating the book project this year, called, "Show Me the Books!" (a joke on Missouri, the Show-Me state, I think).

This decoration is the Social Responsibility banner, from

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