Monday, June 12, 2006

More on LexisNexis monitoring

A few days ago I posted an anonymous tip about LexisNexis monitoring of "suspicious" account usage.

Now the tipster (who has shedded his invisibility cloak to reveal himself as Richard Leiter) has more:

This is getting very interesting. The guy actually works for “Accurint,” a Lexis subsidiary, that sells business research services and information. It also sells services to collections agencies, etc. Apparently, they’re turning their resources inward and monitoring our account usage. When I talked to the guy, he said that he’d “flag this password for this kind of usage,” so that it wouldn’t be flagged again. Apparently they have an algorithm running somewhere that checks search habits....

For what it’s worth.
Should we be concerned? What about client confidentiality?

UPDATE: Richard has more at his blog, The Life of Books.

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