Saturday, June 03, 2006

Cell Phone Booths?

Fellow librarians, how do you vote? Would you go out and buy cell phone booths for your library? Look at the article from the Boston Globe linked above. There seem to be at least two companies marketing booths for cell phones only, or for cell phone/pay phone use.

partnering with three brothers and a friend to develop the CellZone , a soundproof booth where chatty patrons at restaurants, nightclubs, and libraries can talk freely without bothering anyone. It's a phone booth for the wireless set.

His company, Salemi Industries Inc. of Woburn, began marketing CellZones for between $2,400 and $3,500 at last month's National Restaurant Show in Chicago. By his estimation, the market is ripe: Every one of the nearly 700,000 restaurants and 40,000 nightclubs in the country is a potential customer.

And that's before you get to librarians like Kathryn Ames , who's considering buying a trio of CellZones to quiet the babble of cellphone-addicted students who frequent the library she runs in Athens, Ga.

What gets me is that the people who cause the most trouble with cell phones in the library are the ones least likely to get up off their heinies and go over to use the Cell Zone booth!

Got an opinion? Would you put these into a new or renovated building? Do you think they would help?

The picture of a cell phone booth is from the Boston Globe article.


James Milles said...

How do they work? Can you lock cell phone users inside until they agree to behave?

James Milles said...

Or better yet--is it one of those pneumatic tube thingies, so you can shoot the patron out of the library?

Betsy McKenzie said...

I would so love it! It looks just like those things they used to have at banks. Push the button and voosh! Are we hostile?