Friday, February 24, 2006

Law Library Journal is Rockin'!

I just looked through the Winter, 2006 issue of LLJ, and it has several articles that are just fabulous! I especially commend to your attention:

Susan Nevelow Mart, Let the People Know the Facts: Can Government Informatin Removed from the Internet Be Reclaimed?
Prof. Mart's article is very eye-opening in terms of the amount and type of government information being removed from websites in recent days under the aegis of "national security." She lists several public interest groups that have challenged such removals successfully. She suggests that the concerted use of the Freedom of Information Act is the public's best tactic to protect their access to government information.

Susan N. Lerdal, Evidence-Based Librarianship: Opportunity for Law Librarians?
Prof. Lerdal introduces the law librarian community to Evidence-Based Librarianship (EBL), which seems to have originated in Health Sciences Libraries in the United Kingdom. EBL is the use of empirical research to make better decisions in libraries. She provides an interesting introduction to the field, and a good bibliography for those who want to educate themselves further. This excellent article should lead law librarians both to better decision-making, and to better research projects. The article also calls on library educators to include more classes, and to create standards for, educating library-science students to consume and produce research at a more sophisticated level. Hooray!

There are lots more great articles, including a charming one on Bollywood movies, and a very helpful bibliography on library design, construction and renovation (very helpful, Tom!). And Frank Houdek provides an FAQ on AALLS's First Hundred Years. What more could you ask?

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