Thursday, March 28, 2013

Too much to say & follow on same sex marriage!

There is just too much happening right now about same sex marriage, what with the 2 Supreme Court cases, and all the various legislative happenings grinding along....  I will just refer you to a check list of blogs who can devote full time to this and keep track of it.  But it's very exciting for those of us who do believe that this is the civil rights issue of our day! Even the French are on the verge of legalizing same sex marriage, but not without some exciting riots and marches! Those French! Apparently the even the Spaniards have quietly legalized same sex marriage without any big fuss. Here is a website that lists countries (and states of the U.S., listed equally) where same sex marriage is legal.

Here is a light-hearted (perhaps blasphemous, depending on your orientation), website, with pictures of the funniest signs supporting same sex marriage seen outside the Supreme Court. Here is a blog that interviewed some of the people from various sides who turned up to watch the historic arguments. And SCOTUS blog published a symposium, on same sex marriage, with lots of legal analysis. This is one, that will lead you to the rest.

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