Monday, March 04, 2013

Edwin Mellen Press Drops Suit Against Librarian Blogger

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Edwin Mellen Press has dropped its lawsuit against librarian blogger Dale Askey, (see earlier blog post), and McMaster University.  In related news, McMaster has agreed to pay Askey's lawyer fees.  However, the related lawsuit against Askey by Mellen Press's founder Herbert Richardson, for personal remarks (actually comments by visitors to Askey's blog), apparently continues. 

The Edwin Mellen Press had come under a great deal of negative press and criticism from bloggers and academic organizations and authors for this lawsuit.  It had been pointed out that this was a second time the press had engaged in a similar lawsuit apparently designed to silence criticism.  #freedaleaskey is the Twitter hashtag for commentary on the lawsuit, and a good search to look for criticism, though simply searching "Edwin Mellen Press" will also turn up a lot.

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Marie S. Newman said...

This nonsense has made me think twice about purchasing books from Edwin Mellen.