Sunday, May 02, 2010

Missouri moves to universal bar exam

Lex Universal alerts us that Missouri has decided to begin using a universal bar exam. St. Louis Today has a bit more detail. The first uniform test will be administered in February. Though Missouri is the only state so far to accept the uniform test, several other states are considering adopting it: LexUniversal lists Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Washington, D.C., citing a USA Today article as the source. With a universal bar exam, lawyers could move between states more easily, depending on the state bar agreements. This could be a huge advantage for lawyers in difficult economic times. (note to OOTJ readers: the link to St. Louis Today seems glitchy. I cannot get it to work and cannot get them to give me a different PURL to share with you. I am hoping it is a problem with the site that will clear up. You can google or search the issue and get the article that way if the link does not clear up. Apologies!) Kudos to the ShowMe state for leading the way with something new!

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