Saturday, May 29, 2010

Change of Pace

"Change of Pace" will be a few weeks of posts from Guest Blogger, Billie Jo Kaufman, Washington College of Law, at American University.
Billie Jo headed out of DC, Wednesday with her first travel stop in Frankfurt, Germany.
The importance of being a part of the alumni and development operations is becoming more of a part of our everyday life.
Here in Frankfurt, the Alumni Office furnished email addresses for the alums; an email was sent and a wonderful event at "Lemons and Limes" was had by all.
Alums always love seeing faculty. It was interesting to see where their legal reseach skills were being used and how many attendees said "they wish they would have paid more attention" or "who knew research was going to be so important".
I've arrived in Turkey. Here I will be a part of the teaching faculty for our summer program.
That starts tomorrow. Today's plan is to catch up with the time zones and prepare for class.
If any other librarian is working with a summer program - just chime right in - a different perspective is a "change of pace". More later everyone.....

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Marie S. Newman said...

Wwelcome, Bille Jo! Nice to know you'll be blogging during my upcoming vacation. I will be in Turkey for the next couple of weeks, but nowhere near law schools or libraries.