Friday, February 05, 2010

More on Westlaw Next: some other voices

Paula Hane, of Information Today, sent me the link to her post on Westlaw Next, dated Feb. 4, 2010. Paula was at the Minnesota "press" early showing that I attended with other librarians and law bloggers. She does a very nice job of adding some depth to the descriptions I have tried to give here, so I recommend you trot over there. She also includes two screen shots and is able to offer readers the chance to enlarge them to full screen (I can't get Blogspot to do that -- grrr, envy!). She also does a very nice thing where she includes links at the end to a wide variety of other bloggers who were also at this event. So, it's a very worthwhile visit; go see Paula's story, and then see what other bloggers who were at the Eagan early viewing have to say.

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