Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grab Bag of Goodies from Librarians

A couple of sources that are good to bookmark and check back with periodically:

ResourceShelf - "A daily newsletter with resources of interest to information professionals, educators and journalists." I'd call it a grab bag of goodies from the web from librarians for librarians. They hoover the internet for all sorts of miscellanies of interest. Some are weird, some are wonderful and some are really, really useful. Worth checking periodically.

DocuTicker - "Docuticker is a daily update of new reports from government agencies, ngo’s, think tanks, and other groups." This is a companion site to ResourceShelf. DocuTicker was featured once before here at OOTJ. It's more up our legal reference alley, not quite as miscellaneous as the ResourceShelf, much more focused on gubment, gubment, gubment. Which, after all, is what we come out of the jungle for!

Library kudos to Gary Price and Shirl Kennedy who are listed as the Senior Editors, and to anybody else who is out there hoovering the web on our behalf at these sites. Thank you!

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