Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why is Westlaw treating the Puerto Rican Law Schools differently?

The only law schools that have received letters from Westlaw cancelling entirely the Westlaw standalone printer program are the schools in Puerto Rico. As far as OOTJ can tell, no other United States law school has received any letter cancelling their standalone printer program. Out of all the schools to least well afford such a slap to their student expense accounts, the Puerto Rican law schools would be near the top of anybody's list. If this decision were being made on the basis of need, why not talk about cancelling at the ivies? The decision smacks of outright discrimination. How ugly.

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prlawschoolgirl said...

I see this comment is from June, I found out after the semester began!! It's awful. The amount of cases we have to read for each class is unbearable for me to read from a computer screen and printing at home is to costly for me, and I'm sure for many others too. Now there is only one printer for the whole school and for those of us who study at night, when you get to it, it's out of paper, out of toner. What are we suppose to do?