Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LEND-A-HAND: Lexis-Nexis Provides More Support to Laid Off Attorneys

Lexis-Nexis is supporting the battered legal community through another program, Lend-a-Hand, which is designed to help lawyers laid off from large law firms market themselves. See the Lend-a-Hand page here: http://www.lexisnexis.com/lendahand

In the recent economic crisis, law firm managers nationwide are currently faced with making difficult decisions and downsizing is one of the most popular outcomes we are seeing during this economic downturn. Attorneys, particularly at large law firms, have borne the brunt of the recent wave of law firm layoffs and in an effort to support these attorneys and give back to the legal market Lexis-Nexis has developed the "Lend a Hand" program. Lexis-Nexis launched the Lend-a-Hand program today for all U.S.-based attorneys who recently worked for a law firm with more than 50 attorneys and are currently unemployed. The program offers free marketing services, networking opportunities, and employment resources.

Lend-a-Hand Program benefits include:
A free six-month profile on Lawyers.com and Martindale.com.
Free access to Martindale-Hubbell Connected, an online professional network where attorneys can connect, network, communicate and collaborate with trusted and authenticated colleagues.
Free access to the Martindale-Hubbell Career Center, where attorneys can find legal jobs in local areas.

This information is provided by the folks at Lexis-Nexis. But I want to applaud them for doing the right thing. They are supporting the legal community in its time of need. They can't help every segment, but they are making some rational decisions about the segments that have been the hardest hit by the changes in the economy. Hooray for a big vendor who has been acting with some real compassion and morality. Good for them for giving back!

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Dave said...

Betsy -
Thank you for covering the news about our Lend a Hand program. WE see this as a great way to help attorneys get started on their own and we hope any attorney caught in the market downturn will take advantage of the program. Thanks again for helping us spread the word. More information can be found on our webpage (http://www.lexisnexis.com/lendahand/)or in my recent blog post (http://www.martindale.com/blog/BlogComments.aspx?bid=37951&tid=180&ct=15).

Dave Danielson
VP and Managing Director
Small Law Client Development