Monday, December 01, 2008

Technology in Government -- the Dream

Quantum of Solace is great fun. The new Bond is edgier, haunted -- and has fewer gadgets! His cell phone tethers him to M! He still drives a fast car, but no nifty gadgets to avoid fights. He gets pummeled. M has the gadgets! She has a table top computer that has a beautiful display. I watched the scene in awe wondering how the data was coded and tagged.

I saw the movie twice this weekend just to see the table top display and gawk at the high tech government offices. Everything was clean, high-tech, and efficient! It looked like private industry! I wanted to work there! I wanted M for my boss!

There are court libraries that cannot put up public computers because the court house needs to be rewired. Think of how much more work we could do if the public sector had greater IT investment. If all of the public could read, my job would be easier.

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