Monday, October 06, 2008

Alright, Hein!

HeinOnline is doing interesting things. Besides blogging (, they now have a Facebook presence, and they just commented on social indexing:

Some think of social indexing as social tagging or social bookmarking in which you bookmark your favorite websites, popular blog posts, or news alerts. HeinOnline is now looking at social indexing from a scholarly perspective, bringing to you for the first time in a digital environment the concept of viewing most cited law review articles. For example, when you run a search for "Right to Privacy" across the titles in the Law Journal Library in HeinOnline, you will be able to determine how many times each result has been "cited by" other scholarly law review articles in HeinOnline. This allows you to view articles that have had a heavy influence or high impact on the subject you are searching. From here, you can then view the law review articles that cited this article to further your research in the given subject area. This research approach ! is easy, using simple links available in HeinOnline. Future enhancements in the Law Journal Library will allow you to sort your results based on the number of times the articles are cited, thus bringing the most cited articles to the top of your search results list. Additionally, HeinOnline makes it easy to cross-reference other documents by linking citations if the material is available in HeinOnline.
Very interesting developments


Unknown said...

Hear, hear! Way to go Hein.

Anne M. said...

I'm very impressed by the way Hein has adapted to Web 2.0 options, including their Wiki, Facebook and Twitter presence. They seem to get it and make it easier for us to find and promote their products. Smart marketing all around.