Friday, September 26, 2008

International Right to Know Day: Sept. 28, 2008

Gee did you know that Sept. 28 is International Right to Know Day? Neither did I! And, it appears, neither did most other folks in the USA. I only heard of it because we have a new professor at Suffolk, Alasdair Roberts, who announced it along with a speaker on secrecy in the current administration.

I went to look for some nice, central website to post for OOTJ to announce International Right to Know Day. I can find 2003 - 2007 listings for Ghana, for Bulgaria, even for the United Kingdom. I cannot find anything for 2008. And nothing at all recent in the U.S. I supposed it's less of an issue in countries with a free press. But, this speaker coming to Suffolk does have some things to talk about. The current administration is the most secretive in recent history, running the government on a need-to-know basis. And we don't need to know.

Here is the only announcement that I could find that seemed to be a current year discussion of International Right to Know Day generally, though in part, it announces that the Cayman Islands are discussing an FOI (Freedom of Information) audit for Sept. 28 this year.

I feel so left out.

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Betsy McKenzie said...

Kind of ironic, I thought.