Thursday, January 03, 2008

Out of the Jungle Reports from AALS in New York

Dear Readers,
OOTJ is visiting NYC for the annual meeting of the Association of American Law Schools. Besides the regular meetings and programs, there will be an interesting meeting to decide whether or not to establish a new association, American Academic Law Librarians' Society. A group of law school library directors from Texas got together and founded a statewide group along similar lines. The idea is to focus on current issues of interest specifically to academic law libraries, and try to avoid the reliance on vendors' support that has been hamstringing other relevant organizations. From Gail Daly:

1.) this issue of AALL's relationships with vendors (and the issue of vendor oligopoly and price gouging),
2.) the trend at Brooklyn and other schools to deny faculty tenure to directors and to plan for a day when they won't have a library (gulp!), and
3.) the issue of ABA statistics and what we should be counting as our print collections shrink and are replaced by electronic resources.
We will meet on January 4, and report back to our readers on what happens.

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