Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Elections cloud the horizon!

Coming up to Super Tuesday, when so many states hold their primary elections, the run for the nominations for President are taking over more and more shelf space in our national supermarket of ideas (wow, what a metaphor!). Here are some interesting sites to follow news and possible scandals:

AP report that the Ohio ACLU is petitioning a federal judge in the Northen District of Ohio to enjoin the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections from using balloting technology that does not give notice to voters of problems with their ballot. (see the ACLU report on this here). You can also access a lot of information at the ACLU site about their Voting Rights Project, dealing with the upcoming expiration of the Voting Rights Act.

Then, there are a lot of sites that will let you track the vote results, if you are inclined:

Election 2008 has a spiffy little map and will track congressional races as well as presidential primary balloting. Lots of interesting toys to play with.

Survey USA tracks how close polling has come to predicting election outcomes. Ought to be fun.

For the conspiracy minded, and paranoid among us, there is Wired's article, "How to Jam an Election...", reviewing How to Rig An Election(buy it), by former GOP operative Allen Raymond and ghostwriter Ian Spiegelman. It's been covered a lot lately, since it came out just in time for the New Hampshire primaries. Read Huffington Post here .

The clouds are Cloud study, horizon of trees 27 September 1821, by John Constable.

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