Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hot picks fromk NE2007

I’ve been to several terrific programs today. They are recording them just as AALL programs are recorded. And you will be able to purchase the tapes. So first, let me recommend a couple that I won’t report on in-depth, but that I found to be very interesting.
C-1 - Recruiting Librarians & Lawyers to Law Librarianship (Jim Milles, speaker) was a disturbing discussion of the ethics of possibly overselling our profession. Jim questions the common perception that librarianship in general and law librarianship in particular are facing a recruitment crisis. He asserts that the issue assumes that librarians will be retiring at age 65, and that we must replace them with equal-credentialled professionals. Lively discussion, and a topic of interest to all of us.

D-3 - Enterprise Current Awareness: Managing News & Knowledge (Sabrina Pacifici, speaker) was full of great ideas and loads of URLs for feeding selected blogs, news feeds, and more into libraries’ current awareness blogs & intranets. You can see the Powerpoint full of terrific suggestions at Sabrina says choose a handful – no more than 5 reliable, current and focused resources to bring in to your patrons. Base the selection on their own nominations for the most important resources for their subject specialty, but use your own professional judgement in selecting the best and maintaining them – keep checking links, currency and validity of the sources. Focused at firms, but also great for faculty interest areas and also library blogs for current awareness at law schools, courts and special libraries. See Sabrina's blog, BeSpacific

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