Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hello from Toronto

I am here in Toronto for the Northeast Regional Law Library Conference, Libraries Without Borders. I am so glad to be here, not just because Toronto is an awesome city that I love to visit. Because I almost didn’t get here.

I went to the airport this morning, as noted in my calendar. I ran into a bunch of other librarians at the check in for our flight. Very nice. But then the air carrier people could not find my reservation. I must admit, I sort of blamed the woman at the counter. She had an accent and did not seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer. It’s hard not to blame the person who gives you bad news.

Eventually, I dug my laptop out of my bag and used the wireless connection to get out my e-mail confirmation. I showed it to the lady at the counter and lo and behold! I was supposed to have flown up the day before!

I have never done anything like this before. Yes, I stole a car, yes, I have missed a meeting now and then. But I have never shown up a day late for a flight. And I was so organized! I changed my voice mail message. I gave out the hotel contact info. I was awesomely organized.

Except for this one little detail...

American Eagle was just terrific. They let me fly stand by today, without a change fee. The airplane was not crowded, so I guess it was easy to arrange. But they could have really been mean about it and they weren’t. They were very nice.

And so was the hotel. (At least I think so; I haven’t got the bill yet). I was supposed to be at the hotel yesterday , too. I can’t imagine why I would have made my reservations for a day early, but I must have done. Maybe I was already counting on daylight savings time to be over. Goodness knows!

So, it’s very, very nice to be in Toronto today. I am looking forward to a great meeting.

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Meg Kribble said...

Funny! I did something similar when I was in London a few years ago. Showed up at the airport for my return flight on the day I was sure I had booked it, only to be told I'd actually booked it for the next day, and they couldn't move me up because it was a heavy travel time. I think I'd been looking at days of the week with the wrong dates when I reserved. It was nice to have the extra day, but it would have been nicer had I not spent the morning at the airport figuring it out!