Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ms Dewey?

Microsoft's viral marketing campaign features an actress with an attitude, Ms. Dewey. She has little audio files and video clips to pull out when you type in a question. The image here is from findability.org, which reckons Ms. Dewey is part of Microsoft's strategy to overtake Google by developing an alternative search engine. I think they need more work. Pandia agrees. See their review.

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Betsy McKenzie said...

It does not look as though Ms. Dewey is supposed to be a librarian -- only her name suggests that. Her activities while waiting for questions involve PDA (or maybe it's a gameboy?), or maybe jotting notes in a little pad. No books anyway. But maybe we should be grateful for a snappy-looking almost-librarian representation. I still prefer the Lipstick Librarian -- at least she's a real librarian! (see http://www.lipsticklibrarian.com/ )