Friday, April 06, 2007

Get Your Peeps On!

Just in time for Easter, here is a quick run-down of Peeps - those sugar-coated marshmallow chicks and bunnies. The link above is to Wikipedia's article on Peeps, which includes instructions for Peeps jousting.

Official Peeps website: PeepLink
Check all the newest Peeps - including sugar-free and cocoa bunnies.

Librarians and Peeps:
Testing the research behaviors of marshmallow peeps at Staley Library , Millikin University. Examines feasibility of library research by Peeps, and bravely surveys a variety of inappropriate Peeps behavior

Peeps Research
Investigating the effects of cold, heat, alcohol and smoke on the health of Peeps – including dividing conjoined quadruplet Peeps! Check out their very scientific investigation of the classic puffing response of Peeps to microwave chambers – “clearly demonstrate an adaptive fear response to stressful stimuli in the peep species. This response likely evolved in order to intimidate potential predators through the awesome size and prowess achieved in a frightened peep.” Rest assured, all subjects are volunteers and fully informed before consenting.

Bunny Survival Tests
Peeps Link
What is it about Peeps that elicits this combination of scientific curiosity and tints of sadism? Includes tests with Laser, Heat, Flame, Hot tub, Electrocution, Oxygen deprivation, and of course, the Coyote test. This last does not actually involve a coyote, but is inspired by the adventures of Wile E. Coyote in the RoadRunner cartoons.

And more awful Peeps tests:
Peeps Link
Includes Ant-Honey Torture, the Big Freeze, Explosives, Projectile absorption, Batter Up (baseball bat, that is), and Quicktime videos of Peep autopsies.

It was bound to happen: The Bunnies Strike Back:

Not to be missed: Lord of the Peeps! Fellowship of the Peeps Tells the story of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings with Peeps characters. Gotta love the Peeps!

Peep links page
Lots of great Peeps links. Includes Peeps recipes (for real!).

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