Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How Parties are Key to Running a Library

All of the libraries I have ever worked in, from my library student days to now, have thrived on parties. We have holiday parties, of course, but also celebrations when a big project is finished. We have parties occasionally just because we want to remind ourselves how terrific we are. It's good for morale. It's good for team-building. And it's a great excuse to have a good time and show off recipes. I love parties!

Some of the parties are just for library staff. Some are for librarians and faculty, like my annual tea party. I want to bring them together, get faculty into the library, and introduce them to the people who have been doing terrific work for them. A few parties are for the whole law school staff and faculty. Last year, several people helped me put together a Valentine's Day Consolation Party. The theme, of course, was chocolate. It was a terrific party, largely because of the excellent help I received in planning it.

The very best library party story I know: Some years ago, we were preparing for the library holiday party. My assistant director was bringing a tray full of wine and liquor bottles down the hall to the party location. Of course, that was the moment that one of our deans came up the hall. And there was D, holding the tray full of booze. The perfect moment! He still has his job and the dean is still our friend, so all was well. But whooeee!

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Connie said...

What a celebratory bunch! Since I am in a 4-person library, we do smaller promotional events: special librarian's day (celebrated over a whole week; we took an Elvis theme and this year one of us dressed up as Elvis), Hallowe'en (we all dressed up; I was a zombie), and year-end when we open up any food gifts and share them with the rest of the office.

Are your parties mid-day, or evening?