Monday, September 11, 2006

What a difference a night makes! Sleep deprivation

I have been getting exhausted, and no amount of sleep seemed to help. I changed some medicines last week, and finally caught up on my "sleep debt." Whew! When I don't get enough good sleep, it's hard to focus, think clearly, and maintain some emotional balance. I looked on the Web this morning for information about sleep disorders. ... If you're interested, here are some sites.

Sleep Deprivation link
This is a for-profit organization, but they are careful about labeling links to their pharmaceutical corporate partners. It's a very clear, informational site that appears to be carefully vetted and up-to-date. It turns out there are a lot of things that can cause sleep deprivation, from disorders to medicine to simple things like taking caffeine or alcohol too late in the day.

The Sleep Well Link
This is a central link to an award-winning suite of web pages from Stanford. Some of the pages are old, but the information appears to be very good. They also link out to a for-profit partner site that appears to be a spin-off of Dr. Dement (wonderful name!), a Stanford professor who has a regular class for undergraduates on sleep.

Stanford Sleep Disorders Center link
This actually connects to the Sleep Well, above, but is much more current. I still think going to the Sleep Well is worthwhile because it has a lot of explanatory material. This site is more keyed to marketing the various departments in the Sleep Center at Stanford.

Franklin Institute Sleep & the Human Brain link
A nice, accessible and more current website discussing sleep and its effects on the brain. Plus, it has the adorable sleeping kitty with which I illustrated this essay.

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