Friday, September 15, 2006

Behind the Glamor!

From reading OOTJ, you may think the life of a law librarian blogger is all glamor and excitement. Just imagine:

* The instant power and prestige,
* The ritzy digs and glitzy, high-fashion togs,
* The high finance and breath-taking exploits.

Well, it’s not all roses all the time. While Jim may be zipping off to the Toronto film festival for red carpet treatment, and rubbing elbows with the Dalai Lama (check out his thrilling schedule at Buffalo Wings and Toasted Ravioli and Check This Out), moi is here in Boston, MA, toiling away.

Yes, I get the huge satisfaction of knowing that you, dear reader, are enjoying a daily (or nearly daily!) shot of OOTJ wisdom, news and advice. And just knowing that I’m a household name all around the world is a thrill.

Yet, the weight of the power a blogger holds is also a burden. We here at OOTJ feel a responsibility to our readers. In order to bring you a daily blog entry of the highest quality, there are legions of quiet contributors*, toiling away in the background. We have to fact-check all the news we post. And the double-checking to be certain we are linking you to the absolute best and most trustworthy sources available on the Web! All this takes time and meticulous attention to detail. The search for cute pictures alone can take well over five minutes on an unlucky day!

So, while the smooth execution and top-notch research and analysis may look effortless, while the glamor and fun might appear easy and seductive, think for a while about the sparks flying off the keyboards, and zomby-eyed bloggers, and BE IMPRESSED as hell. or not.

* Well, count them, duh! There are at eight bloggers on this group blog. We are all working each day at top speed and intense concentration to make OOTJ come alive for YOU, dear reader!

The wonderful weimeraner that just reeks sophistication and glamor is a William Wegman photograph, found at


Steve Matthews said...

That Milles guy! Typical blogger, its all the glory with *those* people. I smell an OOTJ revolt!

Betsy McKenzie said...

Well, at the very least, I expect to receive a Dalai Lama pen.