Saturday, August 19, 2006

OOTJ, the Limerick

Limerick of Semiregretted Good Times

There once was a library blogger,
A semi-retired pettifogger,
Who loved all the days
Of summery haze,
A vacation-day-offity hogger.

Through a slip of her scheduing pen
She managed not to be in
For greeting 1-Ls;
She's off somewhere else
And not where she so should have been.

This limerick is inspired by my major goof-up last week. Our school had new student reception and "Orientation Day" last Tuesday evening and Wednesday. Those were the days I had arranged to rent a car and take off with my family to Old Sturbridge Village here in Massachusetts. I had a great time! Almost good enough to offset the massive guilt trip I suffered when I returned and saw what I had done. Can you say, "Freudian Slip?"

I got to work with a blacksmith to make an iron hook. Talk about empowering! I feel like taking a hammer to the world now.

The image here shows Old Sturbridge Village re-enactors in constume preparing food. The picture is from Yankee Magazine website at link.

You can find out more about Old Sturbridge Village itself at, their great website click here.

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