Wednesday, May 24, 2006

American Law Schools Open to the World

Introduction:"American Law Schools, Meet the World," by David Fontana, is an interesting essay in The Chronicle Review, May 26, 2006. Fontana looks at how law schools have been slowly opening to new perspectives from other disciplines and other countries. He argues for more focus on foreign and international issues. Here are some helpful links to what legal education is doing with foreign and international contacts:

Continued here:
ABA Foreign Study Pages link
Includes not only lists of institutions but also the criteria the ABA uses to accredit programs. Includes semester abroad, summer abroad and study abroad in a foreign institution.

WashLaw Website link
Scroll down to Large bar for Law School Information, and choose, half-way down the list, "International Post-Graduate Degree Programs" to link directly to law school websites for information on these programs.

ForIntLaw at WashLaw link
Links out to websites for various foreign and international organizations and resources. Maintained by volunteers, organized by alphabetical order by country or organization name. This is just an index tool. What you find when you click on the link varies by whether the country or organization maintains a decent, current website.

ASIL (American Society for International Law) link
An excellent resource for international legal research and news.

ASCL (American Society for Comparative Law) link
Another good resource for research and news, includes excellent comparative, foreign and international law links, both U.S. and mostly European. Links also for online journals. Use this as a great starting place for research!

African Law Resources from Washlaw link

Asian Law Resources from WashLaw link
You probably want to look at specific countries as well as entire continents for both Africa and Asia. I just wanted to balance the very Euro-NA view of ASCL.

Caribbean Law Resources, WashLaw link

V-Lex: Latin American Legal Search Engine link
In Spanish

Hieros Gamos List of International Bar Assns., Other Organizations link
Look at the Left hand margin, for "International Law" or "Bar Associations" to begin.

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