Monday, April 27, 2009

Kudos to Steve Matthews' Twitter How To

Steve Matthews in his SLAW post, Lawyer Twitter Practices: 29 Dos and Don'ts, lays out the How To for using Twitter to build a law firm practice. Steve does not want to call them "best practices," but offers pointers based on his own experiences of what works and does not work.

So Twitter gets your foot in the door? A great tool for business development, right? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is a very lawyeresque ‘it depends’. While deriving business value from of Twitter is indeed possible, that value is often indirect in nature and depends greatly on personal approach. Similar to all forms of the online participation, there’s no room for the Injured? Call now! lawyer. Those that can’t drop the advertising and solicitation approach are inviting failure.
It’s these types of lessons that I hope to address in the list below - which tactics will put you offside, and which will add value. The following practices (I’m hesitant to call them ‘best practices’) are tips that either work for me, or methods that seem to consistently work for others.
I recommend following the link if you would like to see how Twitter can build a professional business network. Steve knows what he's doing! In looking over the comments to Steve's post, I found and followed a link to another blogger's post on the topic, which I can also recommend:, Figuring out Twitter. Good pair of posts.

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