Sunday, January 20, 2008

On the Impact of Blogging and Legal Scholarship

On the law professor side of the legal blogosphere there is an interesting debate going on over the value of interdisciplinary legal scholarship in the "non-elite" law schools.  Dan Solove brings the major links together here:

Over at Legal Theory Blog, Professor Lawrence Solum has a terrific post on interdisciplinary legal studies. He is responding to the discussion in the blogosphere sparked by Professor Brian Tamanaha's provocative post, to which I have responded (here and here). Several others have insightful commentary in the debate, such as Professor Ethan Leib and Professor Josh Wright. Belle Lettre collects links here and Professor Paul Caron collects more links here.

To me, just as important as the debate itself is the fact that it is taking place online, in real time.  As Jeff Lipshaw notes, Larry Solum's "'post' on the subject ten, and maybe even two, years ago would have been an unread essay in the Journal of Legal Education; today it is read by thousands of people within hours of his writing it."

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Betsy McKenzie said...

Thanks, Jim, for a great alert to a fascinating discussion and exhibition of what blogging can be!