Thursday, July 19, 2007

Librarians Without Borders

Thanks to Connie Crosby, who left a comment at the Apostle of Cataloging post, introducing us to Librarians Without Borders (link in the title to this post). This is an organization founded in 2005 by MLS students at University of Western Ontario. The students were inspired by the efforts of a fellow student to establish a library for his home country of Angola. They have some incredibly inspiring aspirations and ideals. Here are some quotes from their website:

LWB holds a core set of values that form the basis of our existence and steer our activities:

1. Libraries have a fundamental role as defenders of intellectual freedom and providers of equal access to information.

2. Access to information is vital in supporting learning and literacy, reducing poverty, empowering citizens, and building healthy, strong communities.

3. We do not draw cultural or linguistic boundaries – diversity is embraced; we will work with our partners in their own cultural context and in their own languages.

4. Our efforts are enhanced by working collaboratively, internally as well as externally with the domestic and international community, to further our mutual goals.
Perhaps more moving still is an excerpt from a speech by Jorge Chimbinda, the Angolan national who inspired LWB in the first place, at the launch party:
: “Everyone who starves for knowledge can be fed by a book, and its content is not diminished… A book teaches in silence, however, its effect is eloquent. A book liberates, a book plants the roots of development. Books are irreplaceable tools for improving the quality of education in Angola and elsewhere.”
That is beautiful! Thank you, Connie, for introducing us to LWB. She says members of this group have been invited to speak at the 4th Northeastern Regional Conference this fall, in Toronto, which is titled Libraries Without Borders itself! I am looking forward to it! Note that the cut-off for early bird registration savings is coming up on Aug. 1! Register now!

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