Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kathie Price Quoted on Jeb Bush

Former Governor Jeb Bush was denied an honorary degree from the University of Florida by a 38-28 vote of the Faculty Senate on Thursday. The story is here. Professor Kathleen Price, associate dean of library and technology at the University of Florida's Levin College of Law and former president of the American Association of Law Libraries, is quoted as saying that Bush's record on higher education was a problem. "I really don't feel this is a person who has been a supporter of UF," said Professor Price, who also said that Bush's "approval of three new medical schools during his tenure has diluted resources." An additional criticism leveled at Bush was that his "One Florida" initiative ended race-based admissions programs at state universities. According to University officials, the Faculty Senate's vote was unprecedented; normally, the nominees of the Faculty Senate's Honorary Degrees, Distinguished Alumnus Awards and Memorials Committee are rubber stamped by the Senate.

This story has a happy ending, for Governor Bush at any rate. On Saturday, the University's Alumni Association's Board of Directors voted to make Bush an honorary alumnus. According to Steve Orlando, a University of Florida spokesman, "the main difference between the awards is that the degree is given by the university and the alumni association decides who receives honorary alumni status." Only a "handful" of individuals are so honored each year.

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Betsy McKenzie said...

You rock, Kathie! Way to lead your faculty! Another law library star, Fred Shapiro, shows up in this week's Chronicle of Higher Ed with a terrific article about tracking the actual sources for quotes. Sigh! Rock star librarians!