Friday, June 09, 2006

An anonymous tip

Someone on the lawlibdir listserv asks:

Has anyone received a call from a (new?) office at Lexis called something like “Contract Compliance Enforcement/Investigations”? In talking with an “investigator” in the office, it appears that this relatively new office has installed software that flags activity on passwords that “looks suspicious,” and then calls to investigate the suspicious usage.

I got a call the other day about a professor who regularly uses Lexis to read the New York Times and scan various parts of the US Code. Apparently regular reading of the NYT was enough to raise an alert of possible suspicious usage. (Don’t ask me why the faculty member doesn’t avail himself of the printed copy or web versions of the paper....)

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Anonymous said...

If using Lexis to read the NY Times constitutes suspicious behavior, perhaps the company's law school reps shouldn't be encouraging students to use the database for exactly that purpose.

And if looking at the U.S. Code is problematic... I think we're ALL in trouble.