Monday, September 12, 2005

Who Is Blogging? Preliminary Results of Law Library Blogs Survey

Thanks to Jim for inviting me to participate my first-ever guest blogging experience. Among other things this week, I'd like to share some of the preliminary findings of my survey of the law library blogosphere.

Please note that they survey is not yet closed and these finding are only preliminary. Thus far I've received forty-six responses, although as my list of Law Library Blogs and Blogs by Law Librarians or Law Library Associations indicates, there are at least 75 known law library blogs.

The survey is in conjunction with an article I'm writing on the state of the law library blogosphere: Who is blogging? What are we blogging about? Who reads our blogs? What technologies are we using? and Have our blogs been successful? I've focused the survey on professional blogs affiliated with a law library, a law library association, and / or written by a law librarian.

This first batch of preliminary results will attempt to shed light on the question: "Who is blogging?"

Blogger affiliation:

An academic law library 36.96%
A state, court, or county law library 6.52%
A firm/corporation law library 13.04%
A legislative library 0.00%
A law library association 2.17%
Other 8.70%
No affiliation 32.61%

Blogger Location:
New England
Middle Atlantic 26.09%
Southwest 6.52%
Canada 6.52%
Other 8.70%

Posting Frequency:
Daily (weekdays & weekends) 26.09%
Daily (weekdays) 13.04%
Weekly 23.91%
Monthly 2.17%
Less than monthly 0.00%
Other 34.78%

Library director(s) 34.78%
Librarian(s) 82.61%
Faculty/Attorney(s)/Judge(s) 8.70%
Support staff 17.39%
Other 8.70%

I'd like to express a BIG thank you to the forty-six of you who have taken time to complete the survey so far. And if you are a law library blogger that hasn't completed it, I encourage you to share your experiences by completing the survey.

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