Sunday, September 07, 2014

Why do the vendors roll out new versions in September??!!

This year, Lexis has chosen to roll out a new version of Lexis Advance on September 8!

Why thank you guys!

Isn't that just the most thoughtful thing?

Librarians and teachers around the world are just loving having a brand new version that they need to scramble and get comfortable with just as their students are arriving.

Why couldn't they have released this back in June?

Well. I am guessing (with my cynic's hat on), that they didn't really want any testing and reviews floating around out there to taint the trumpet blasts and floating glory clouds as they rolled this out to students.

Of course, maybe they just hadn't finished debugging it in June. Maybe I shouldn't be so cynical.


Marie S. Newman said...

Go ahead, Betsy. Be cynical. I think we're all thinking the same thing.

Unknown said...

My understanding was that the release was scheduled for earlier in the summer but the date slipped. Lexis did offer early access to the new release (in the testing environment) to academic librarians to try to help with the timing issue.