Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Pi Day! Get your geek on.

Happy Pi Day, folks! You can listen to the charming Pi Song, which tells some history about Pi, to the tune of Bye, Bye Miss American Pie. There are a number of competing versions and other Pi Day songs out there.

Of course, you can do what we are doing -- make a pie to eat in honor of the infinite number! Sadly, our pie will be quite finite. Even if we keep dividing it, we will just come to crumbs in the end.

So, reach deep for your inner nerd, and enjoy Pi Day! It's not over yet. 3.14159265... or as Indiana legislators once nearly passed into law, 3.2 (1897 House bill 246, thankfully sidelined by a Purdue professor Waldo who was in the state capital and heard the debates). I had heard of other state legislatures messing around with bills defining Pi, but it appears that these stories may be apocryphal.

Pi is weird enough on its own.

The image of multiple, yummy and creatively decorated Pi Day pies, is credited to djwtwo/flickr/CC BY-NC-SA at Science Friday

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