Saturday, June 29, 2013

DOMA §3 struck down in U.S. v. Windsor

I was trying not to keep putting up same sex marriage news here, but I cannot keep my mouth shut over the news that the Supreme Court has ruled DOMA unconstitutional in U.S. v. Windsor. (see SCOTUSblog for all documents, they just don't have the decision linked yet; also see, which will provide documents as well).  (sorry, California friends -- I am glad for you, too!)

But what really influenced me was a heartfelt essay from one of my great colleagues at Suffolk, Sarah Boonin, who wrote about her personal reaction to the decision, at the Huffington Post.  Read Sarah's moving essay to understand better what the decision will mean to the affected parties.  Perhaps readers will understand, too, why it's a ludicrous thing to say that being gay or lesbian, bi- trans or anything along the LGBQT spectrum is a lifestyle choice, or that it is so attractive that children and young people are seduced into it. It's hideously difficult to live this life. It is not a choice. It's being authentic to who you were born.

You will see why I believe that same sex marriage is the civil rights issue of our time.  I am so proud of the justices who wrote this decision the way they did. It took some courage for Justice Kennedy to write this, and it will be a very important decision.

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